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Why we need to create a home

One of the most meaningful activities we are ever engaged in is the creation of a home. Over a number of years, typically with a lot of thought and considerable dedication, we assemble furniture, crockery, pictures, rugs, cushions, vases, sideboards, taps, door handles and so on into a distinctive constellation we anoint with the word home.

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Why Do Scandinavians Have Such Impeccable Taste in Interior Design?

The superiority of Scandinavian design has been well-charted. The chairs, lamps, tables, sofas and cushions of these prosperous northern democracies have been universally applauded and sought after. But why have these small isolated nations managed to generate so many great designs? Why do the Scandinavians have such good taste?

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The Importance of Architecture

In an odd but quietly very important way, works of architecture ‘speak’ to us. Some buildings, streets and even whole cities seem to speak of chaos, aggression or military pride; others seem to be whispering to us of calm or graceful dignity, generosity or gentleness.

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