Our Mission

Insight and Inspiration for the Modern Home Renovator

Welcome to Mosss

Once upon a time, Chris and Jude were frustrated by the lack of modern tools available for their own home renovation. So, they set out to craft digital tools that would reduce their stress, and at the same time help them GSD.* They also felt alone during the journey and wanted to create a site where they could ask friends for advice, referrals, and their valued opinions.

Mosss stands for Making of Smart, Simple Spaces. We’ve built a tool and a place where taste meets technology and the intelligent support you receive opens new possibilities for what you can build. We like to think that we’re re-imagining support for the modern home renovator and design enthusiast, making the process and journey that much smoother and sweeter for others.

Insight and Inspiration for the Modern Home

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a home office or a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect gallery wall, we’ve got you covered.

On the content side, our interactive video workshops give you access to the world’s leading architects, interior designers, and influencers, such as Bjarke Ingels and Cliff Fong, as they share the secrets to the creative process.

At Mosss, we believe that the process of designing and making our homes should be personal, beautiful and process-driven. Mosss gives you the tools to live beautifully.

Meet the Team

The Mosss Team is comprised of designers, data scientists, architects, and engineers based in San Francisco. Mosss is led by Jude Fulton, a Harvard, RISD and Yale-trained architect and interior designer whose mission is to bring design intelligence, tools, and education to the world.

* = Get S*it DONE

Our Stack

We primarily speak English and design, but also python, php, laravel, vue, and javascript. We use Contentful for CMS.