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Cliff Fong

Teaches Interior Design: The Well-Considered Home

Teaches Interior Design: The Well-Considered Home

What You Will Learn

Cliff Fong shares his sources of inspiration and design process with you

Wise teachers are often the ones that demonstrate through example and expertise without giving the 'right' answers to creative problems. Los Angeles-based Interior Designer Cliff Fong is one such teacher. In this online workshop, he will take you on a visual journey through his projects and offer insights into designing homes for a variety of life stages and lifestyles. Over the past 20 years, Cliff has worked with dozens of illustrious celebrities to lovingly curate and design their custom interiors. In this series he shares insights and wisdom gleaned over his career. In this Mosss Workshop series, Cliff shares his approach to interior design and curating The Well-Considered Home.

Video Lessons

Every Workshop Includes
Video Lessons
Video Lessons

In 13+ lessons, you’ll learn how our experts approach:

  • - How I got Started and Early Influences
  • - Sources of Inspiration and Influences
  • - Creative and Design Process
  • - Discussion and Explanation of Past Projects
  • - Personal Design Philosophy
Educational Resources
Educational Resources

15+ Articles, Summaries and Guides

  • - Chapter Summaries
  • - Study Guides
  • - Articles on Design Written by Vetted Experts
Digital Tools and Fun Extras
Digital Tools and Fun Extras

Access to the tools and resources that our experts use everyday.

  • - Mosss 'Shop by Image' Tool for Sourcing Furniture and Accessories
  • - Spotify Playlists Curated by Our Designers
  • - Reading Lists and Favorite Books Curated by our Designers


Cliff's workshop was a stunning and inspiring piece of work, his episode about chairs gave me a whole new appreciation towards pieces with a story.

Alice, 29 - Photographer

I first learned about the Mosss workshops through a friend and was excited to try them out for myself. As an Interior Designer myself, it's great to see how well-established designers think about the creative process. Cliff's inspiration chapter pushed me to keep physical image inspiration at hand or pinned up.

Aaron, 31 - Interior Designer

Mosss gave me access to one of my favorite interior designers Cliff Fong. Through the video series and features I was able to get an inside look into his design process, interiors and advice.

Christine, 29 - Florist

I purchased the yearly workshop and started off with Cliff's videos. The way he describes interior design gave me the confidence and knowledge to give my living room a spruce up.

Sarah, 28 - Accountant
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